Release (Discontinued)

Release (Discontinued)

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Mantra Line (Affirmations)

All the candles in the Mantra collection have been discontinued. These items will no longer be created once supply runs out. 

Drops of Rain & Sea Salt

I release all limiting beliefs & patterns I've placed upon myself.  

I will let go of toxic thoughts, emotions and behaviors. 

I can't change my past but I can influence my future. 

I am free of self doubt, self sabotage and self harm. 

I am grounded, centered and at peace. 

I am free.


Oftentimes, we think holding on makes us strong when in fact it is letting go that makes us strongest. 


12 oz | 45-55 hour burning time

Double-wicked with reinforced cotton wicks designed to ensure a consistent burn.

Top Notes: Sea Salt, Ozone
Middle Notes: Jasmine, Sandalwood 
Base Notes: Dark Musk, Green Leaves

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