Fearless (Discontinued)

Fearless (Discontinued)

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Mantra Line (Affirmations)

All the candles in the Mantra collection have been discontinued. These items will no longer be created once supply runs out. 

Raspberry, Teakwood & Vanilla 

Today, I will be fearless.

I will keep my focus sharp.

Nothing will shake my confidence.

All the answers I need are found within.

I have placed a barrier in front of my enemies.

I will shield myself from all negative energy.

Being Fearless isn't always about the absence of fear. It's about the willingness to act in spite of fear. 


12 oz | 45-55 hour burning time

Double-wicked with reinforced cotton wicks designed to ensure a consistent burn.

Top Notes: Raspberry, Mahogany
Middle Notes: Blackberry, Teakwood
Base Notes: Vanilla, Musk, Citrus

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